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Insights on designing for the web

Posted in graphic design, interviews, theory, usability, user experience, web design by Dan on December 1, 2009

Paul Boag writes about the current trend of poster-like web pages. As always, one must design for the medium, and a designer cannot treat a web page like a poster. Nevertheless, poster design has a few lessons for web design: “Stop designing websites, start designing posters.”

Mark Riggan takes the same approach, but from a different direction: “6 Things Video Games Can Teach Us About Web Usability.”

In this interview, Matthew Curry talks about running the website for Wiltshire Farm Foods, which sells food mostly to consumers over 80 years old, online. Targeting this audience means addressing the most extreme instances of users’ needs and disabilities. Yes, it’s possible—it’s all about usability: “Q&A: Matthew Curry on selling to older folks online.”


Ze Frank on creativity

Posted in creativity, interviews by Dan on November 24, 2009

I was going to post this last week along with the video about brain crack, but I didn’t want to detract from the primary topic of the day. So, here’s a written interview with Ze Frank about creativity.

Design and Innovation Daily will take a break for the holiday and return on Monday, November 30.

“Designing Interactions” and “What vs. How”

Posted in interaction design, interviews, sustainability by Dan on November 10, 2009

Each week, a selected chapter from Designing Interactions—a fairly recent book by the father of interaction design, Bill Moggridge—will be posted online, along with videos of interviews with other designers and innovators, to download for free. I don’t know if this is a one-time thing or if they repeatedly cycle through the chapters (this week is Chapter 4). Either way, the book and the interviews are both fascinating resources.

Designing Interactions:

For shorter reading, here are two instances where plants are ingeniously used to clean air in place of machines.
Toyota Creates Its Own Flower Species to Gobble Harmful Gases
Air Filter Uses Plants to Filter Toxins

And from the Brain Traffic blog, “It’s not what you do that sets you apart, but how you do it:”
“What vs. How”

Three videos: UX, sound, and “designer slash model”

Posted in interviews, psychology, user experience by Dan on November 9, 2009

If you’re at all interested in user-centered design or user experience (UX) design, watch this interview with Don Norman, a pioneer in the field of usability and UX, from the UX Week 2008 conference. Mentioned during the interview is his book The Design of Everyday Things, a book highly recommended for just about anyone: Don Norman at UX Week 2008

A fascinating and somewhat comical 6-minute TED video on “The 4 ways sound affects us.”

“Desgn can change the wolrd.”

“Thirty Conversations on Design” and a few cool products

Posted in designers, interviews, product design by Dan on November 6, 2009

Good morning. This is the first of many daily emails (or posts) to come, each with a delicious serving of content on design and innovation, prepared just for you. Does that sound corny? Or does it sound like breakfast?

“Thirty Conversations on Design” is a collection of bite-size videos from famous designers and creative professionals. Ten of them have been posted so far, and the remaining twenty will be delivered later this month.

We asked them two questions: “What single example of design inspires you most?” and “What problem should design solve next?” Their answers might surprise you. But hopefully, they’ll all inspire you.

My favorites are those by Ric Grefe from AIGA, Jason Severs from frog design, Erik Spiekermann, and Linda Tischler from Fast Company. One reason I think these are interesting is that many of the designers, regardless of their profession, describe design challenges and solutions that span multiple discliplines and fields. And they’re all truly serious about their missions as designers, even if their job is only to design sports equipment.

Now, for the products:

A reusable water bottle that folds up:

Sketchbooks made with 5.25″ floppy disks:

An infographic-turned-bracelet:

Sled Coffee Table and Rug: