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The “of course” factor

Posted in entrepreneurship, user experience by Dan on January 6, 2010

Om Malik quotes the designer Christian Lindholm:

Most companies (including web startups), he said, are looking to “wow” with their products, when in reality what they should be looking for is an “‘of course’ reaction from their users.”

The concept of user-centered design is now commonplace, but it is not so commonly understood that the ideal user experience is not made up of flashy features that capture one’s attention but of functions that seamlessly fall into the context of the user’s natural behavior. Malik, drawing from the documentary Objectified, discusses the importance of the “of course” factor: “User Experience Matters: What Entrepreneurs Can Learn From ‘Objectified.'”

Colin Raney extends this idea to customer experience and business design: “Of Course…”


Can bankruptcy and vulnerability be good things?

Posted in entrepreneurship, theory by Dan on November 16, 2009

Morten Lund is an entrepreneur who, despite having founded 88 startups in the past, is (as of last month) bankrupt due to his latest investment–but doesn’t seem to be unhappy about it. He discussed this at a conference last year, shown in this 13-minute video. (Found via Pamela Slim, who wrote a little more about this last month: “The beauty of dirty laundry”)

A recent BusinessWeek article discusses why “a sense of vulnerability” is important to an innovator: The Innovator’s Vulnerability