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The films of Charles and Ray Eames

Posted in art, culture, designers, philosophy by Dan on March 8, 2010

Michael Neault wrote a wonderful piece on the films of Charles and Ray Eames, a prolific pair of designers who made a profound impact on design during the 20th century. Noting that the Eames’ films receive less attention than their work in industrial design, architecture, photography, and other areas, Neault discusses the unique artistry of their films, the role of the films within the history of design, and the meaning of the films in terms of the Eames’ philosophy of design.

Carl DiSalvo recently commented on the Eames’ films, looking at the films as “meditations on objects.” Along with that, he posted the film “Lounge Chair Assembly” (1956).

Another film available online is this advertisement for the Polaroid SX-70, the landmark instant camera. The film is a beautiful example of the Eames’ style. Also worth noting is the way the film reflects a systems view of the camera, moving between user and manufacturer, presenting the camera as a technological object, as a useful object, and as a meaningful part of a user’s life.


Relaxation / Inspiration

Posted in art, designers by Dan on December 14, 2009

For those students about to begin your week of final exams, here’s what I hope will be a relaxing start to the week: a small collection of inspiring, interesting, or just nice-to-look at images (and two videos).

At Fast Company, a slideshow of work by designer Konstantin Grcic and a very short post about who he is.

An incredible short stop-motion film made with paper cutouts, done for the New Zealand Book Council:
“Going West”

A cute demonstration of Google Chrome’s features using homemade machines and models: “Chrome Features”

At (or found via) BEGINBEING, MoCo, and Young and Brilliant:
35mm film clock
Photos of work by German artist Horst Gläsker
Swiss mountain home
Giant wall flip clock
Typejockeys business card
Garamond Powerline
Interiors by Jeffers Design Group
2010 Chairs Calendar
Banyan Treehouse by RPA Architects
Freehand Pocket Watch
Hotel Caldor
Visualized library concept
Zaha Hadid Public Museum in Italy
A clever coffee cup warning

Systems design in Magic Highway USA

Posted in architecture, art, philosophy by Dan on December 2, 2009

This 1958 segment from the Disneyland TV show explores a vision of the future of transportation. It is not only imaginative but also a great example of systems design (systems design in general, not computer systems design) in that it considers everything from construction and architecture to human behavior and lifestyle.

Magic Highway USA


Posted in art by Dan on November 13, 2009

For Friday, I’ll take a break from design. This is a clever and beautiful animation called “Procrastination” (found via Ze Frank).

“Procrastination” by John Kelly