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Ghost in the Pixel: Uday Gajendar’s blog

Posted in philosophy, theory by Dan on January 14, 2010

Only one link for today, because it’s such a good one.

Recently, I linked to a piece by Uday Gajendar about designing for panic. That post, although great on its own, wasn’t a good representation of his blog as a whole. Often, he writes incredibly deep, insightful analyses of design theory and philosophy. He discusses challenging issues (with challenging responses), such as the definition of interaction, how a product conveys meaning, and the role of integrity in design. In this post, he reflects on some of the lessons he learned while he was a grad student at Carnegie Mellon, which include a few approaches to understanding design that are completely unconventional and different from what we read in most other places. Follow the links within the post to read some of his other writing, which is equally challenging and insightful. It’s well worth spending two or three hours reading his old posts.

Ghost in the Pixel: CMU grad seminar diagrams & lessons.


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  1. Uday said, on January 20, 2010 at 1:19 am

    Thanks for enjoying my postings and the ideas therein…very glad you find some value in them! Indeed the concepts are quite deep, but very powerful and useful in everyday practice I think. Good luck with your design pursuits. Best regards.

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