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What do you think?

Posted in culture, information by Dan on December 21, 2009

DIDaily has been running for a little over six weeks. Finally, the number of posts (30 as of this post) is growing faster than the number of categories (now 24); the blog has a small but sure readership; I’ve found a good format for the blog as I’ve moved from the “roundup” idea to thematic posts that are more coherent; and I’ve discovered that it’s a little bit harder to keep up with my RSS feeds and come up with blog-worthy content every weekday than I initially thought it would be.

In a couple days this blog will go on a temporary hiatus for the holidays. Before then, I want to ask for your feedback:

  • What do you think?
  • In general, is DIDaily worth reading? From what I’ve written so far, which kind of content has been valuable, and which hasn’t?
  • How often do you read DIDaily? If not every day, is that because you don’t have time to read it every day, or because the headlines don’t always look interesting?

I’d love to hear from you—feel free to leave a comment on the blog, or send an email to designdaily at

Now, for today’s promised links:

Saturday’s “Today” by Eric Baker presented a collection of cigarette cards, which were collectible cards that would come in cigarettes packages during the 19th and early 20th centuries. His article as well as the New York Public Library’s digital gallery of cigarette cards are an interesting window into the culture, marketing, and graphic design of the times.


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